About Us

HO Motorsports has been in business since 1994 serving, mainly, the Colorado region. Ron Hough has been machining and building a variety of engines from the late 70’s on. Having been raised in a motorcycle riding family, Ron started racing Moto-Cross locally in the early 80’s. After twelve years of dirt bikes, he tried some road racing, and quickly learned that his talents were not in riding, but building. After helping his brother win numerous Motorcycle Roadracing Association championships and two national championships in 1996 at the CCS Race of Champions, he discovered a relatively young racing series where an FJ-1200 Yamaha engine was used in a small race car called a “Legends Car”. With HO Motorsports experience with motorcycle engines, it was a natural fit to build these engines, with their unique requirements. With the introduction of the FZ09 engine platform to legends racing, which are all sealed engines, we are shifting our work load away from Legends and more towards individual component repair i.e. cylinder heads, cylinder bore work, etc. However, HO Motorsports will continue to support the Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association.